• Admission Guide for International Students
 Admission of International Students for 2019 Fall semester will be processed by following the admission guide and the schedule.

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※ Admission Guide for International Students Fall 2019 Semester (English)

※[Attachments] Required Documents for Admission must be submitted.
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[Form1] : Application for Admission 1 (print internet application)
[Form2] : Application for Admission 2
[Form3] : Study Plan
[Form4] : Recommendation for Admission
[Form5] : Financial Certification
[Form6] : Release of Information

• Admission Guide for International Students

Admission Events Schedule Note
International Student Admission Application period

2019. 5. 13 (Mon) 09:00
2019. 5. 21 (Tue) 17:00

Apply by internet

Documents Submission

By 2019. 5. 24 (Fri) 17:00

Enclose the printed application and required documents
Admission Test 2019. 6. 15 (Sat)
09:30 - Oral/ Interview Test
Designated location by Graduate School
Result 2019. 6. 28(Fri) 14:00 Graduate School Home page
. Applicants of psychology department will be notified whether they have an oral/interview test or not. (Other applicants must attend oral/interview test.)

. For international students residing outside Korea other means of communication (such as by telephone etc) can be used for the interview.

• See further information on Admission Guideline for International Students.